James Killough

James Killough brings over 20 years of film, theater, editorial, fashion and advertising experience to the head of PFC’s parent company, Pure Film Limited.  An award-winning writer and producer, he began his film career in Bollywood, working with directors like Muzaffar Ali, Pamela Rooks, and Shekhar Kapur.  In Hollywood, he wrote and developed film projects and scores of commercials for legendary filmmakers Tarsem Singh, Marcus Nispel and Tony Scott, among others.  James' directorial debut, "Losing Her," was the centerpiece for the “Late at Tate” at Tate Britain for November, 2008 with a special installation in the main hall of the museum.  A stage version of his screenplay “Hatter” will go up on the West End soon, directed by Sean Mathias.

James has executed creative projects of all kinds, from print to web design, for a gamut of industries and businesses. Formerly Associate Vice-President for Communications at Citibank, James's clients have also included Aramark, Iron Mountain, a hotel and casino company, tech support giant iYogi.net, numerous not-for-profit/charity organizations (GPOL, Future Leaders Institute, KNP), retail ventures, and on and on.

James began his work career in Paris as fashion photographer Pamela Hanson's first assistant. After living in Australia, he trained at an ad agency in New York under one of the many hard-drinking Mad Men who were the inspiration for Don Draper. James then became one of the founding editors of Taxi Magazine, which reached a circulation of half a million just when James left on his aforementioned odyssey in the Indian film world.

James has been published in many newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, Travel and Leisure, and Health and Fitness. A regular guest lecturer at NYU Film School, James has just finished his first novel and is working on a second.


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