James Killough/PFC Portfolio

Poster for film "Losing Her," posted all over London in the month leading up to the Tate Britain exhibit.

Home page for James Killough's award-winning film "Losing Her."

Valentines Day card for Dhar Bazaar. Brought out clients even in a blizzard in New York.

First email blast for Dhar Bazaar. Witty content drove hundreds more clients to the event.

Second email blast for Dhar Bazaar. Again, irreverent humor did great for sales.

Home page for Pure Film Limited, a feature film and TV company in London, www.purefilm.co.uk. Center box is flash images that show upcoming projects.

Branding for iYogi.net, the world's largest provider of remote technical service. The concept was a fusion of Super Mario with the Air India Maharaja, deliberately drawing attention to the fact the client is a call center in India, rather than hiding it. Illustrator is super talented Tristan Eaton, one of the founders of Kid Robot.

Sample of book covers for KNP publications.

Website for feature film "Hatter"


The portfolio of Los Angeles-based web design and content creators Pure Film Creative.


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